The following is an agreement between the school and parent/guardian which you will be required to sign prior to the final admission of your child.

  1. The Student will attend school regularly and will comply with all the school rules and regulations.
  2. All school dues will be paid regularly and promptly as per school schedule given in the fee book.
  3. The placing of the student in the most suitable class will be at the discretion of the school.
  4. The Managing Director can at any time, In the interest of the school, have a student removed for the following reasons:-
    • If the student does not accept the discipline of the school and his/her presence is detrimental to interest of other students.
    • If the student fails to come up to the academic standard of his/her class and when detention in the same class would make the student too old for the class.
    • If parent's do not co-operate in the educational and co curricular activities of their ward in school.
    • If parent's action and behaviour is harmful to the reputation or in the working of the school.
  5. If school fees are not paid or due date as given in the Bank Fee Booklet, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls before the next installment. Readmission will be granted at the discretion of the Managing Director on payment of readmission fees + clearance of previous dues will fine.
  6. No fees will be refunded if the student is required to leave school during the term for any reason other than on medical grounds.
  7. The name of the student will be struck off the rolls if fees are not paid within 60 days from the due date of the installment. Readmission @ rupees 1000/- will be charged to be allowed on rolls again if permitted by the principal.
  8. Although the school will take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the children. It will not be liable for any damages or charges on account of injuries, fatal or otherwise, which may be sustained by a child at any time during his/her stay in school, while taking part in studies, sports and extra curricular or any other form of activities of the school. within or outside the school premises. All expenses that may be incurred in the treatment of such Injuries will be borne by the parents/guardians.
  9. Knowing or witnessing any damage to school building, furniture, apparatus or any other school assets / property and not reporting to the class teacher or the Principal, will be consideres as an act deserving punishment/fine.
  10. Parents and guardians should not visit their wards or their teacher in the classroom without the permission of the principal.
  11. Any dispute as to the effect or meaning of the above mentioned agreement will be referred to the sole arbitration of the management committee of International Public School, Meerut, whose decision will be final.