What is good for us is the most difficult to learn is a Greek belief. The path of learning is a lot of hard work.

Always remember HARD WORK WORKS….. HARD work is to success what hot is to fire. They are inextricably connected. Success is not the result of luck or good fortune but rather of hard work. And hard work comes from self discipline. Self discipline is the value which gives a bright future to every student. I ask each one of you to resolve to be self disciplined and to work hard at every task that you take up. Remember you can get whatever you want in your life if you really want it through hard work. But wait a minute. Is hard work enough? Everyone will tell you yes. But let me tell you that it is not enough.

It is not only important to do hard work but do well directed and intelligent hard work which has a clear objective- an objective that fits into your overall vision.


Ms. Bhupinder D Singh
Director & Principal