The following is an agreement between the school and parent/guardian which you will be required to sign prior to the final admission of your child.

  1. The school attaches highest importance to sound character and decent behavior of our pupils. Therefore, parents are requested to cooperate with the school authorities in inculcating in the children a deep sense of discipline and orderly life, habits of neatness, punctuality, regularity, truthfulness, honest hard work, faith in God and true religious spirit.
  2. All students shall wear prescribed uniform during school hours.
  3. Regular attendance at school is very important to keep up with school work. Leave of absence may be granted for bonafide reasons. Leave application must be signed by the parent/guardian.
  4. Specimen signatures of those who are authorized to sign leave applications or progress report card or any other school document must be given on the page allocated in the pupil's diary.
  5. In all cases, if a pupil is not able to attend the school for a day or even part of, a note from the Parent/Guardian is necessary.
  6. Habitual absentees may be asked to get written explanation from parent/guardian or liable to have his/her name struck off the school rolls.
  7. The homework assigned to the pupils by the teacher should be done regularly and systematically. Parents/Guardians are requested to co-operate with school authorities by checking up the home-work of their wards.
  8. The pupils should bring prescribed books and exercise books according to the time table.
  9. The pupils are not expected to bring valuable articles to the school and should safeguard their belongings.
  10. Any wilful damage done by a pupil to the building, furniture, apparatus or any other property of the school is liable to be made good by the Parent/Guardian.
  11. Knowing or witnessing any damage to school building, furniture, apparatus or any other school assets/property and not reporting to the class teacher or the Principal,will be considered an act deserving punishment/fine.
  12. Parents and guardians should not visit their wards or their teacher in the class room without the permission of the Principal.
  13. Parents should attend the Parent Teacher meetings as per to schedule given in this dairy. Report Card must ne seen and signed by the parent as per school schedule.
  14. Parents must attend all Parent Teacher meetings to discuss the progress of their wards.
  15. Circulars and documents issued to students must be kept with proper care in a file/folder.
  16. English speaking is compulsory.
  17. Use of abusive language is strictly prohibited.
  18. Bullying ius strictly prohibited inside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished.