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“Where learning is serious fun!”
The Little kingdom Play school, sets to provide a creative and stretching education for the tiny tots in the age group of +2 to +5 years that Inspires children to want to learn.
We provide excellent mix of free play, outdoor and formal learning in an inclusive nurturing and homely environment. Strong foundations in literacy and reasoning, as well as on raising well-rounded children with a wide extra-curricular programme is a priority in the Little Kingdom Play school campus is self contained providing opportunity to its students for activities like skating, taekwondo and yoga on one hand ICT facilities on the other. For those more at home on the stage there are many opportunities to practice and perform whether musically with the choir, band or dramatically as a part of the regular school activities. Happiness of each child is paramount. Visitors are impressed by our ethos, the quality and cheerful pupils at the Little Kingdom Play school...Read More

The Little Kingdom Play School, Meerut

Welcome to campus

We are happy to have the music of are little kids filling the campus again following the strict safety measures in the school at all times and vacc... Read more

The Little Kingdom Play School, Meerut

Republic day

Freedom in our minds, Faith in our words, Pride in our hearts and great memories are in our souls. Let’s celebrate 26th January, the free spi... Read more

The Little Kingdom Play School, Meerut


Yoga for well-being! Celebrating the theme of International Yoga Day 2021, The LKPSIANS participated in yoga session.

The session began wit... Read more

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With a vibrant learning environment to think and explore.

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Life at IPS

International Public School, is an outcome of a desire to cultivate talent and create opportunities for the children to be on a global platform.


On account of an ever-growing movement and busy schedule of the parents - majority of those who are global professionals, their interaction with the school remains somewhat limited and confined. The important updates sent by the school go unheeded, although unintentionally but this affects the relationship of parents and schools in the long run. Due to time crunch, the extra effort to log on to the website of the school and check the update on the portal often becomes demanding and taxing. On the contrary, it is more practical and viable for the parents to keep checking apps on their mobile phones.You can download the app by clicking on the button below.