International Public School (Ganga Nagar)

Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Delhi Affilation no.-2130383

Message of Principal

We are living in an area of rapid social economic and political readjustment throughout the globe not a bank in which one is to be trained to deposit daily quantities of information and withdraw it only during examinations. Students are mainly trained to think independently and creatively. Students should search for answers themselves. We aim to mould the complete personality of the child developing his mind sharpening his intellect, nurturing his creativity, strengthening his body and above all enriching his character and imparting to him the values that make him a good human being and a good citizen. We train children to appreciate Nations culture and see to the fact that students become a productive unit of society and source of its Economic Strength for children in imparting virtues and grace them emotionally. This enables them to live in peace harmony and be cooperative with emerging world community which makes them have an international outlook. We initiate self analysis with our students. We educate the children to be a good citizen but sensitizing them to the appalling condition of old senior people, the underprivileged, the special children is just conveying them to know they should care. Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. Students engage in active engagement involve enquiry, exploration, questioning, debates, application and reflection, leading to theory building and the creation of ideas and positions.

We provide opportunities to question, enquire debate, reflect and arrive at concepts or create new ideas. An element of the challenge is critical for the process of active engagement and learning various concepts, skills and positions through the process of education. We encourage children to spend time with teachers discussing problems and issues that concern them. Low achievers are ty on encouraged to seek assistance from their high achieving peers... the latter are encouraged to spend time with the former. Senior school students share time with the juniors and share experiences that have changed their thoughts. The overall education at IPS that decisions the are made in best interest of the children and families in an environment of trust, respect and inclusion. Students should have a passion for of mother earth. It should be a character formation. Earth, our home planet is the only planet in the solar system present to harbour life — life that is incredibly diverse. All the things we need to survive are provided under a thin layer of atmosphere that separates us from the uninhabited world of space.

Ms. Poonam Singh

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