International Public School

Recog. By U.P Board-1198-99

School Prayer

My Lord, Grand me this boon, That I may never refrain,
From good actions,
That I may fight, fearlessly, all evil with courage;
That I may forgive those, who sin against us;
That I may be true, sincere and honest in all my actions;
I Thank Thee for all that you have bestowed upon me,
Bless me O God and bless my parents, school and country.



As pupil of INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, I solemnly pledge myself to selfless service of my Motherland and her culture.

I shall consider no sacrifice too great for the protection of my country and for the preservation of all that it stands for. Unto the greatness and glory of myland, I dedicate myself.

It shall be my constant endeavor to realize the ideals of INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, the basic principles of our ageless culture and conform to the way of life prescribed by it

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